Older Americans Month 2019: Connect, Create, Contribute

Each year, more and more older adults are making a positive impact in and around our community. As volunteers, employees, employers, educators, mentors, advocates, family members and friends, they offer insight and experience that benefits the entire community. For this reason, Older Americans Month has been recognizing the contributions of senior adults across the nation for 43 years.

Created by the Administration for Community Living and celebrated every May, Older Americans Month provides resources and ideas to help aging adults stay healthy and independent, as well as resources to help communities support and celebrate their aging population.

Each year, Older Americans Month has a special theme that helps promote overall wellbeing and personal development among seniors. This year’s theme is “Connect, Create, Contribute”, and it encourages older adults and their communities to:

Connect with friends, family, and local services and resources

Create through activities that promote personal enrichment and creative thinking

Contribute time, talent, and life experience to benefit others

Ways Older Adults Can Connect, Create and Contribute

Connect with a Celebratory Event. At Grand Oaks of Okeechobee, we celebrate Older Americans Month every day. Our Activities Calendar is full of special events geared toward adults aged 55 and older. Family members, friends, and members of the community are always welcome at our events, too. Whether it be an off-site fishing trip or the grand opening of our new hair salon, we promote and support the activities and interests of older adults in our area.

Boost Creativity with Educational Pursuits. Seniors looking to get in touch with their creative side may want to consider attending an educational class, workshop, or lecture. Signing up for a technology “how to” course at a local community center, rekindling an enjoyment of painting, or finally learning how to knit a sweater are just a few ways seniors can get creative for Older Americans Month this year.

Contribute by Volunteering. For older adults who want to give back, joining a volunteer group is a great way to contribute positively to the community in which they live. Whether it be picking up litter, maintaining a public vegetable garden, collecting clothing and food donations, or contributing financially to a favorite charity, older adults can play an integral part in helping those in need.

Communities that support and recognize older adults are stronger! This May and throughout the year, be sure to take time to celebrate all of the valuable ways that older Americans benefit our communities and our lives. Happy Older Americans Month from Grand Oaks of Okeechobee!

For more information or to schedule a tour or Grand Oaks of Okeechobee, visit www.grandoaksokeechobee.com or call 863-692-7222.