Thankful for Grandparents: Being Thankful for Seniors in Your Life


This time of year, the air is full of excitement as we focus our attention on the upcoming holiday season. In November, we find ourselves being thankful for the cooler weather, our family and friends, pumpkin pie, and, of course, football. But what about being thankful for grandparents or other senior citizens in our lives?

Thanksgiving gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to recognize and embrace our aging loved ones. By taking time to talk, you can discover a treasure trove of wisdom, life experiences, and memories. However, older generations are often hesitant to talk about themselves because they grew up in a different time; one that was far more private than our current lives, which often center on cell phones and social media.

With that in mind, preparing a few questions ahead of time can make it easier to connect with the senior in your life. Once they begin sharing stories from their life, you’ll be amazed at what you learn, and you may even find yourself being more thankful for grandparents or the other seniors in your life.

Some questions to get the conversation started include:

  • What do you remember about Thanksgiving (or other holidays) when you were growing up?
  • What was growing up like for you?
  • Did you attend school?
  • What did you do for a living?
  • How did you meet your husband or wife?
  • What in your life are you most proud of?
  • Is there anything funny or crazy that you’ve done that you’ve never told anyone about?
  • Do you have a favorite memory from your teen years?
  • Is there anything you really wanted to do in your life, but haven’t yet?
  • What advice would you like to share?
  • Is there any person or event that changed the course of your life?


Showing an open, genuine interest in getting to know your senior loved one better means you recognize and honor their legacy, and that can help them feel more comfortable about talking to you, which is definitely something to be thankful for.


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