Fun Activities to Do With Your Aging Loved One


It’s not always easy to find fun activities to do with your aging loved one, particularly if they have limited mobility. However, there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy the time you spend together, even if you have different interests or different physical capabilities.

The following is a list of fun activities that will inspire you to reconnect with the senior adult in your life, make some memories, and have a great time together.

Inside Activities that are Fun for Everyone

Making a family tree. Ask your aging loved one about their past, as well as their family history. Dust off that shoe box full of old photos and create a family tree scrapbook. You can also use online tools like to help find relatives or ancestors that you can add to your tree. No matter what you choose, making a family tree together can rekindle fond memories and help strengthen the bond between you.

Playing a game or completing a puzzle. Card games, board games, brain-enhancing puzzles, or jigsaw puzzles are all great ways to reconnect and have fun. Not only is this an enjoyable way to past the time, but it also helps improve thinking skills for both you and your aging loved one.

Cooking or baking. If the senior adult in your life comes from a long line of of cooks or bakers, consider choosing one of their favorite recipes and giving it a try together. Whipping up some nostalgia in the kitchen, or even trying a new recipe, is always fun for you and your aging chef-at-heart. It’s also fun to join your loved one in our Country Kitchen, which is designed specifically for our residents and their family and friends.

Joining a book club. A book club provides your senior loved one an opportunity to socialize with other club members while encouraging you both to read and discuss various novels. Check your local library or social media platform, like Facebook, for book clubs nearby. If you can’t find one, consider starting your own.

Outside Fun with Your Aging Loved One

Taking a fishing trip. Everyone enjoys a relaxing day of fishing. Depending on your loved one’s mobility, you can cast your line from a pier or a boat. You can pack a picnic lunch, enjoy the surroundings, and tell tall tales about the one that got away.

Attending local events. No matter where you live, there are often festivals and events happening nearby. Whether you choose a county fair, a concert in the park, or a seafood festival, these events are always fun to attend, and they give your aging loved one something to look forward to. If events aren’t frequent where you live, consider taking a trip to the community pool or taking a leisurely drive through the countryside.

Planting a garden. Gardening is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend time with the senior adult in your life. Even if they have limited mobility, he or she can enjoy some lemonade with you as you watch the garden grow together.

Whether your loved one has a high-degree of mobility or is more sedentary, what matters most is that you are spending quality time together and having fun. For a complete list of activities our residents can enjoy while living at Grand Oaks of Okeechobee, view our monthly Activities Calendar.

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